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Download and Go HIIT programs are HIIT workouts designed by Pure Beast Fitness for individuals interested in purchasing a workout that they can start today. The programs require no assessment prior to starting and will typically take 40 minutes or less to complete, get your heart rate up and will help you to burn fat! The workouts are very challenging and can be performed repeatedly until you feel you have gotten the most out of it. You can also challenge yourself by slowly increasing your weights when the workouts have become too easy for you. Modify the exercise as easy as needed to perform them. Have fun! The programs are numbered. You can start at #1 and work your way through or you can start at whichever has the areas your want to engage. Feel free to use ankle weights and dumbbells, but do not start with any dumbbell over 3 - 5lbs. If you are comfortable with 3 - 5lbs then try 8lbs and so on. Your $5 will be worth it! For questions & Concerns Whatsapp: (202) - 670 - 6244 Email:

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