Services & Rates

Personal Training

Personal training is a great route for those taking their first steps towards their fitness goals, need more motivation, or is interested in learning different exercise forms.

Written Programs

Written programs are great for those who are self-motivated, familiar with proper exercise forms, and have irregular workout hours. Written programs offer you the chance to workout at your own pace, date, and time.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional guidance is available in the form of meal plans. Meal plans can be as simple as being told what types of foods to eat when, or as detailed and weighing and measuring your food during meal preps.


Personal Training Small Private Group Training Open Group Training Written Programs
1 Session = $50

3 Sessions = $120

5 Sessions = $180

2 People = $50

3 People = $75

4+ PeopleĀ  = Please contact us

$10/per day